Why Rent?

Cost Savings: Renting allows you to avoid the ownership costs of capital investment and maintenance and other overhead costs.

Peace of mind: Renting eliminates the hassle and cost of warranties, repairs, storage, regulation compliance and transportation.

Assistance from the experts: Rental businesses employ knowledgeable and well-trained staff to provide information on equipment and its use, answer questions and help ensure a successful project.

Location availability: Global Fitness is a nation-wide provider and can serve you no matter where your are located in the United States.

What does "The Global Fitness Rental Division" provide?

We understand how important it is for your tenants to be able to use health club quality commercial grade equipment at your location. This doesn't mean you have the time, knowledge, ability or want to utilize upfront capital or maintain the equipment when it goes down or needs maintenance. Our National Rental Division provides Month to Month Fitness Equipment Packages that include: All maintenance, service, repair and/or replacement for the life of your rental. Our program allows you to budget to the penny with no surprise costs, plus you may have the ability to write off your equipment rental, year after year. We can create a package to fit any budget.

Who We Service

  • Corporate America
  • Corporate Fitness Service Providers
  • Cross Fit Studios
  • Fitness Gym's & Studios
  • Government
  • HOA's
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Hospital & Medical Facilities
  • Local Municipalities
  • Physical Therapy & Rehab
  • Property Management Companies

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